• [Limited]

    • One cake of beef fillet cord - Sage secret secrets -

      One cake of beef fillet cord - Sage secret secrets -

      1100 yen / 100 g

      That meat can be eaten in the shop, with more than 10,000 meals sold at meat festival 2015! King of the lean! It is a beef fillet of super rare part which can take only 600 g from one head.

  • [A la carte]

    • Chinese cabbage kimchi

      Chinese cabbage kimchi

      500 yen

      A taste passed down to my grandmother ~ mother ~ daughter for over 100 years.Choose tasty thick Chinese cabbage according to the season, each one carefully hand-crafted Kimchi.

    • Salt pon cucumber

      Salt pon cucumber

      380 yen

      A crispy dish with salt konbu and ponzu sauce, savory snack.

    • Garlic edamame

      Garlic edamame

      380 yen

      I will wipe my hands and become addictive.

    • Changer


      400 yen

      What is a changer? It is a kimchi style syrup with the internal organs of cod.

    • other

      320 yen ~

      There are many more.

  • 【salad】

    • Chinese cabbage salad

      Chinese cabbage salad

      450 yen

      Original Yuzu Pon dressing to shabby Chinese cabbage.

    • Tea ceremony salad

      Tea ceremony salad

      920 yen

      Avocado, tomato, cream cheese, steamed chicken and multicolored! Please choose curry dressing or cob dressing.

  • [Iron plate cuisine]

    • Original anointed salt

      Original anointed salt

      700 yen

      I thoroughly simmered the meat of the boiled cow with salt with fresh cabbage.

    • Teppanyaki restaurant sushi rolls egg

      Teppanyaki restaurant sushi rolls egg

      520 yen

      Sasa さ さ っ! Kuru Kuru! Look at the handwork.

    • Fluffy Tonpyaki

      Fluffy Tonpyaki

      520 yen

      I cooked pork and green onions with eggs.

    • Grilled squid and butter

      Grilled squid and butter

      730 yen

      Put the perfume mayonnaise on prestige of Prepure

    • Grilled hormone

      Grilled hormone

      800 yen

      Cow bull shit intestine is baked with homemade sauce.

    • Ikiba-yaki of yam

      Ikiba-yaki of yam

      580 yen

      Mouth of a blue cloth passing through my nose.

    • other

      380 yen ~

      There are many more.

  • [Okonomiyaki]

    • Tataka stew

      Tataka stew

      1300 yen

      Pet push! Do not eat this and can not talk about clinging!

    • Gritty Hiroshima

      Gritty Hiroshima

      1100 yen

      Cozy stream Hiroshima-yaki.A healthy dish featuring sweetness of cabbage!

    • Grilled onion

      Grilled onion

      1200 yen

      Domestic green onion 100%.Popular okonomiyaki baked with burned soy sauce!

    • Graciously modern-grilled

      Graciously modern-grilled

      1250 yen

      Fluffy fabric and crunchy buckwheat match best!

    • other

      700 yen -

      There are many more.

  • 【Fried noodles】

    • Rattled fried soba

      Rattled fried soba

      1250 yen

      Speaking of fried noodles, this is it!

    • Tea ceremony om soba

      Tea ceremony om soba

      1350 yen

      Pork homme soba, yam roll with ♪

    • Graciously salted buckwheat noodles

      Graciously salted buckwheat noodles

      1000 yen

      I feel like refreshing and slippery!

    • other

      750 yen ~

      There are many more.

  • 【dessert】

    • Imagawa vanilla

      Imagawa vanilla

      380 yen

      New sense !! Atsuzu Imagawa Above the grilled ice cold ice! Please enjoy it once!

    • Costume parfait

      Costume parfait

      580 yen

      Kinako Ice · Black Sesame Pudding · Black Mitsu

    • other

      280 yen ~

      We have others, too.