• [Limited]

    • One grilled beef fillet string meat-Gottsui secret sauce ~

      One grilled beef fillet string meat-Gottsui secret sauce ~

      1100 yen / 100g

      Was sold out in the meat festival 2015 more than 10,000 meals, that meat, you can eat at the store! Only take just 600g from the king! Per head of red meat, cow fin straps meat of ultra-rare site.

  • [A la carte]

    • Chinese cabbage kimchi

      Chinese cabbage kimchi

      500 yen

      A taste passed down to my grandmother ~ mother ~ daughter for over 100 years.Choose tasty thick Chinese cabbage according to the season, each one carefully hand-crafted Kimchi.

    • Salt Pong cucumber

      Salt Pong cucumber

      380 yen

      Cucumber tossed with salt kelp and ponzu sauce, snacks a clue.

    • Garlic edamame

      Garlic edamame

      380 yen

      It will hand the Fukifuki, addictive.

    • Changer


      400 yen

      Changer What I'm? Cod visceral what was tossed condiments of kimchi-style.

    • other

      320 yen ~

      There's More.

  • 【salad】

    • Chinese cabbage salad

      Chinese cabbage salad

      450 yen

      Original Yuzu Pong dressing on crisp of Chinese cabbage.

    • Tea ceremony salad

      Tea ceremony salad

      920 yen

      Avocado, tomato, cream cheese, steamed chicken and multicolored! Please choose curry dressing or cob dressing.

  • [Iron plate cuisine]

    • Ganso streaks salt

      Ganso streaks salt

      700 yen

      It was fried in salt streaks meat of carefully stewed beef with cabbage.

    • Teppanyaki restaurant sushi rolls egg

      Teppanyaki restaurant sushi rolls egg

      520 yen

      Sasa さ さ っ! Kuru Kuru! Look at the handwork.

    • Fluffy Tonpyaki

      Fluffy Tonpyaki

      520 yen

      I cooked pork and green onions with eggs.

    • Grilled squid and butter

      Grilled squid and butter

      730 yen

      Put the perfume mayonnaise on prestige of Prepure

    • Grilled hormone

      Grilled hormone

      800 yen

      Cow bull shit intestine is baked with homemade sauce.

    • Isobe grilled yam

      Isobe grilled yam

      580 yen

      Kaori of green laver passing the nose.

    • other

      380 yen ~

      There's More.

  • [Okonomiyaki]

    • Truly Gottsuisho

      Truly Gottsuisho

      1300 yen

      Gottsui Gottsui does not talk about a push! To not eat this!

    • Gottsui Hiroshima yaki

      Gottsui Hiroshima yaki

      1100 yen

      Gottsui flow Hiroshima yaki.Healthy dish sweet taste of cabbage can be felt!

    • Green onions grilled

      Green onions grilled

      1200 yen

      100% domestic green onions.Popular pancake baked in the burnt soy sauce!

    • Gottsui modern yaki

      Gottsui modern yaki

      1250 yen

      Fluffy fabrics and crunchy buckwheat of the best match!

    • other

      700 yen -

      There's More.

  • 【Fried noodles】

    • Rattled fried soba

      Rattled fried soba

      1250 yen

      Speaking of fried noodles, this is it!

    • Tea ceremony om soba

      Tea ceremony om soba

      1350 yen

      Pork homme soba, yam roll with ♪

    • Gottsui Salt-grilled buckwheat

      Gottsui Salt-grilled buckwheat

      1000 yen

      As a refreshing, it would go slippery!

    • other

      750 yen ~

      There's More.

  • 【dessert】

    • Imagawa vanilla

      Imagawa vanilla

      380 yen

      Cold on top of the new sense !! piping hot imagawayaki ice! Come once relished!

    • Gottsui parfait

      Gottsui parfait

      580 yen

      Flour Ice black sesame pudding, black honey

    • other

      280 yen ~

      There are other.